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Excellence in Education Journal (EEJ)
ISSN 2474-4166

The mission and goal of the EEJ is to promote scholarly writing about practices in education of children and adults worldwide and to share this writing in a free, open access, online journal format.   

We encourage teachers, professors, and other professionals worldwide to write or produce other electronic media about practices that promote the improvement of education. Submissions are double-blind, peer reviewed and are accepted year round with publication occurring twice annually.  

In support of our mission, we provide assistance with writing and formatting in English to international writers who seek our assistance with preparing their manuscripts.

Copies of the published journal are located under the JOURNAL ARCHIVE tab. 

For a listing of reviewers, please click on the REVIEWERS tab.  Information about how to become a reviewer is also listed on this page.

We are pleased that this website is also now accessible as a mobile site from cellular phones and other devices accepting this format.  Graphics and font on the website are intentionally simple in order to be accessible to all devices.

Ann Gaudino, Ed.D.
Founder and Editor

To access the journal, click on the JOURNAL ARCHIVE tab above.

Call for Papers

Papers for the Summer 2017 issue are now being accepted.   Papers should be emailed directly to the editor at eejeditor@gmail.com.

Please click on the SUBMISSIONS tab for more information.


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